Gateway to Opportunity.

McLellan Academy of Dancing

Our Goal

Raising the ordinary to extraordinary.

Movement creates the freedom of expression and freedom lies within opportunity.

We are MAD about dance, nothing inspires us more. Your passion for dancing drives us to grow bigger and better every day. With hard work and determination, you truly can achieve anything you set your mind to and here at MAD Studios we are determined to harvest the very best independent and confident dancing artists from our academy in promotion of and to boost the dancing circular standards of our region.

We also take pride in catering for the high demands of anyone like us who is also, ‘MAD about dance.’ At MAD studios we are very happy to be offering a wide variety of classes for a wide variety of levels. From ages 2 to adult nobody is forgotten. There are classes to suit you whether you’re wanting fun and fitness, social, examination or wanting to make dance your professional career, MAD Studios can look after you.

We of all people understand that we all learn at our own individual rate. This is why we proudly take the time to individually monitor every students progress in a set plan, together we can work individually with our students to get the very best out of their tuition. While this process can take extra time, our dedicated staff believe that every single one of our students ability to succeed is rated highly important.

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